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NCRC Members Ratify Contract on GO953

Sep 12, 2016
NCRC Members Ratify Contract on GO953 image

NCRC Members Ratify Contract on GO953

Friday, September 09,  2016

We are pleased to announce that SMART TD members on Nebraska Central Railroad Company have ratified a new collective bargaining agreement.

Leading the fight for a fair and equitable agreement was the negotiating team consisting of Brent Leonard, SMART TD general chairperson; Rob Warth, SMART TD VGC; Dallan Dvorak, SMART TD Local Chairman; and Mark Wagner SMART TD VLC.  After lengthy preliminary discussions, and nearly a year of post moratorium intense negotiations, the SMART TD negotiating team reached an agreement which was overwhelmingly ratified through a 94% favorable margin by our members on NCRC.

The new contract contains significant and defined increases in pay to the membership. Many of such elements are unprecedented on the property. This will solidify and strengthen the contractual bedrock for the future. The contract contained no concessions, resulting in a 100% net gain for the employees.

General Chairperson Leonard said: “I want to personally thank the membership on NCRC for their strength and solidarity through these difficult and trying negotiations. Their tenacity has paid-off with defined wage increases throughout the life of the contract".