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SMART TD Secures Pre-Approved Layoff Pilot

Aug 25, 2016
SMART TD Secures Pre-Approved Layoff Pilot image

SMART TD Secures Pre-Approved Layoff Pilot

Ask any Conductor about their work schedule, and you'll very quickly discover a growing sense of concern and frustration. Operating Employees have  been feeling the impact of the Carrier's increased scrutiny of attendance, coupled with the complete lack of any mechanism to request days off more than a few hours in advance of going to work. In response to these urgent concerns, the General Chairman's Office began diligent *negotiations to allow members needed time off in a predictable and predetermined  manner.

After many  months of persistent discussions and intense negotiating, SMART General Committee 953 secured a  first-of-its-kind preapproval program for compensated layoffs. SMART members can now enjoy the benefit of having a needed compensated day approved several days in advance of the layoff. This has had a tremendous impact on the quality of life of the membership. Now, more than ever before, members will have the ability to schedule such needed items as medical appointments and family events-greatly improving the quality of life of the employees.

The program has been so successful, in fact, that other organizations members have demanded to be involved. SMART welcomed  such expansion to other crafts, as the need for an improved quality of life has ever been a desperate need of all operating employees.

General Chairman Leonard stated, "While the Union will continue working as a whole to address the myriad of problems affecting the membership, such as inadequate staffing and unpredictable call times, to name a few, I see this program is a big step in the right direction".

SMART GO 953 will continue to work with Local Chairmen to correct any glitches and seek to improve the practical applications of the software, as the program expands across the entire 10-State General Committee.

*To view the General Chairman's Section VI Notice click here: