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Jared Cassity 2019 Quadrennial Presentation

By Ian T. Reynolds | Jun 05, 2019
Jared Cassity 2019 Quadrennial Presentation image

During the 2019 Quadrennial held in Las Vegas, the committee had the opportunity and honor to hear from Kentucky State Legislative Board Director Jared Cassity. Brother Cassity discussed the need for the Organization to collect data to combat the Carrier’s contention that there is no data to suggest that two person crews are safer than a single person crew due to all of the new safety technology being utilized. In order to collect data showing the failures of various technologies such as Positive Train Control (PTC) Trip Optimizer and LEADER employed by the Carriers in their locomotives, Brother Cassity has developed “Railroad Technological Event Forms” which is available on the International’s website. It is an electronic form that our members can fill out when the safety technology has failed enroute and required human intervention to safely operate the train.

Brother Cassity was kind enough to share his presentation with the Committee and has made it available for use at your local meetings. Also included are the links to his presentation as well as much more detailed information that was prepared to be presented in front of the Kentucky State Legislature. Jared has also enclosed his contact information if you wish to speak with him about his presentation.

Jared Cassity

Director, Kentucky State Legislative Board,

SMART-Transportation Division 

740.533.9055 office

740.550.6715 cell