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Letter to Lance Fritz

By Luke Edington | Mar 20, 2020
Letter to Lance Fritz image


                                                          March 19, 2020


Mr Lance Fritz

Chairman President & CEO

1400 Douglas St

Omaha, NE 68179


Dear Sir:

            The recent outbreak of COVID-19 across the country, along with the response of national and state agencies is cause for major concern.  My office remains diligent in protecting and looking out for the well-being of our membership and maintaining normal freight operations. 

            This pandemic should remind you, and the public, of the importance of TE&Y employees.  These men and women are reporting for work and moving freight every day despite the risks it poses to them and their families.  I pray that the sacrifice these employees  are making is taken seriously and not done in vein.  Without these men and women, both the Carrier and country would grind to a halt. 

            As we work together to protect the health of the employees, I ask that you and your team continue to work with the Organization and correct any and all concerns without hesitation.  I appreciate the actions taken thus far, but there is much more to do in the upcoming days and weeks. 

            Going forward, my office and its resources, are available to assist in any way possible.  We remain committed to doing whatever is necessary to protect the men and women working in the TE&Y craft.



                                                                        Luke Edington

                                                                        General Chairman