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UPRR Daily Conference Call 03/23

By Ian Reynolds | Mar 24, 2020
UPRR Daily Conference Call 03/23 image

03/23 Conference Call

Abridged Call due to Lance Fritz calling a meeting with leadership

Crew vans – 1 crew per van, two calls last night for 2 crews in 1 van that were handled at the time

Food – working to make sure restaurants are stating open 24 hours and hotels continue cleaning

Vacations – Not much request to advance vacation but still want to have LC's ask if requested by an employee

Reporting – 14 calls from people self-reporting, yesterday, 9 calls Saturday, 13 people more in quarantine, perhaps 1 positive in Mechanical, also 1 OHN may be COVID positive

GC – A member was in contact with someone who was positive and worked for a week reported to H & M and was not able to speak to anyone (Did remove himself from work immediately after being told that he was exposed).

Carrier – They do not have the manpower to staff the hotline 24 hours a day. Please continue to use the web portal for instructions if you believe they have been exposed

Carrier – 390 additional locomotives have been cleaned yesterday. The amount of bottles has been drastically increased. Mechanical is cleaning them and they ask that we step out the back door so they can clean it and then we can step back inside.

GC – Member reported that the mechanical department is saying if it smells clean, then it is done.

Mechanical – they do not have a smell test and if they are being told that then it needs to be reported

GC – SLC and Milford are reporting a shortage of crew packs, will be addressed

Supply – Crew packs are well stocked and will be distributed to locations who report a shortage

Carrier – Labor concerns that the leave policy does not address the people that are being placed in quarantine. The people that have been placed in quarantine prior to the policy will be paid now. Going forward, anyone who places themselves in harms way by travelling for vacation or taking a cruise will not be paid. Anyone who has been possibly been infected at work will get paid.

Carrier – questionnaire being sent to local management and hotels to make sure that correct policies are being followed to ensure that hotels are being cleaned properly

Carrier – UP Police are going to work with local municipalities and law enforcement to make sure that our employees are guaranteed safe passage in locations that are under strict lockdown

GC – Is the letter from the UP available to us to use and for members that did not get a paper copy

Carrier – Yes and it is going to be revised with the help of DHS

GC – Still having problems with hotel and vans in Bill, WY. Local Managers are threatening discipline when a member refuses

GC – Are you going to pay people who get it elsewhere. Carrier – NO, the policy is clear that they will only pay people who are quarantined due to exposure at work

GC – People who are doing the right thing by self-reporting will be afraid to do so when they are facing 14 days with no pay.

GC – Managers are chastising employees who are using the safety hotline to report a shortage of cleaning supplies even after Omaha is

GC – Managers in Pocatello are admonishing employees for taking 15 minutes to clean the locomotives. Carrier will address that and make sure that it does not happen again because they are encouraging employees to clean locomotives properly before departing.

GC – Do we clean the locomotive if we know employee is who is quarantined or infected?  

Carrier ‐ we will clean on sign and symptoms and clean quickly if we are notified.  On confirmed positives we do have a cleaning contractor do a deep clean if employee has recently been in the Cab.