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UPRR Daily Conference Call 03/25

By Ian Reynolds | Mar 25, 2020
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03/25 Conference Call

Carrier – large uptick in employees using quick tie-up

Carrier – 2 more positives, mechanical in Chicago and management in FT. Worth. Some more “presumed” positives, roughly 115 in quarantine. Expected to continue to increase over the next few weeks. Hope to have a spreadsheet out

Mechanical - 544 more locomotives disinfected. Total number of 2947 locomotives equipped with disinfectant solution

Supply – No news, but products are still been sent to locations

Transportation – roughly 400 uses of the COVID-19 drop down to ask questions.

Carrier – still trying to lock down all of the employee’s that came into contact with the employee who tested positive in Southern Region

Carrier – ongoing “issue” with another employee, will be updated tomorrow

GC (Davis) – Crews waiting in crew room for over an hour waiting on shuttle to get to hotel. Carrier is going to see if they can get more transportation to the hotel.

GC (Dixon) – No procedures in place in Little Rock, management was asked multiple times and were told they would supply with disinfectant. Carrier will make sure it is handled but wants reports to the Safety Hotline. Dixon said they have been reporting to safety hotline and within an hour it is being deleted. Carrier will address and make sure that nothing is being dismissed and will see who is responsible

GC (Edington) – Same issue in Pueblo with no supplies

GC (Crest) - Same issue in his territory but his management team is trying their best but they don’t have any supplies

GC (Chellete) – Very disheartening to hear that some managers have been testing positive over a week ago and we have not been notified until now. Carrier says they were not aware until yesterday and have been researching all contact with employees back until last week, not that they have been aware for over a week.

GC – some drivers are wearing PPE and disinfecting their vans and some are not. Carrier ensures that they will make contact and make sure that all drivers both UP employees and contracted drivers are using the same procedures.

GC – Can the Carrier allow us to fill an empty bottle that we may have at home to carry while on duty. Carrier doesn’t have enough supply of solution to give to every employee. Bleach is getting very hard to come by, but they are going to see if they can get some more from their suppliers.

Carrier – At any given time, there are 600 trains operating on the system. They have supplied over 3000 bottles of solution so they are not sure where the bottles are going.

GC (Crest) – Please encourage employees not to congregate together in the register room while waiting for trains or buses. Carrier is still instructing people to maintain social distancing (6 feet) but they have no problem with people waiting outside or in cars for their train or bus.

Carrier – wants to know if the conference call is beneficial and if we want to continue daily or change the frequency to every other day. The consensus is that they are very helpful and would like to continue them daily.

Carrier – Remember that if someone has been tested or has been instructed to self-quarantine that it is a violation of Federal Law to not comply.

GC (Chellette) – Employees are still fearful of self-reporting and losing income for at least 14 days.

Carrier – RRB has been working to change the qualification for benefits and accelerate the benefits to hopefully make it easier and faster to qualify for benefits. It is at the Board now and they are taking it to the feds to get it put through. Message to employees will be put out to contact their representatives to get their support to fast track legislation.