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UPRR Daily Conference Call 04/01

By Ian Reynolds | Apr 01, 2020

04/01 Conference Call

Carrier – 65 positive tests 534 quarantined, Northern - 10 off to Covid-19, Southern - 35 off (positive and presumed positive off work) Trend is it doubles every 2 days

CMS – 90 hotels have been audited, St. Paul hotel has pulled out crews and moved elsewhere,

Mechanical – Roughly 380 locomotives cleaned daily, when a motor was used by some who was presumed to be infected they have protocols in place

Supply – Nothing new to report

Carrier – Northern Region -  2 positives in NP, one was due to travel to Colorado, other was from the initial people who were positive and quarantined. Another case today from someone who traveled recently and felt ill yesterday and still came to work.

Carrier – South team – nothing new report. 2 positives in LA (one was a clerk) concerns in Monroe about supplies handled

GC (Edington) – Carrier is calling additional crew members from AWTS as students especially in yards. Carrier said they would address it. Dan Blank said the AVR is calling them on yards in preference to road to maintain social distancing. Keller said not to do this anymore as there is no reason to have 4 people in a cab.

GC (Chellette) -Crews in Laredo need cert ride on RCL. Carrier will address. People who are peulled from service are being told by the Carrier in their instructions to contact the RRB. The RRB is saying that they do not qualify since they were not quarantined by a doctor. Carrier said they would address this with H&M to provide a cover letter to employees and notify the RRB. Chellete says the form from the RRB requires a doctor to sign off on the form but there was no doctor involved.

GC (Crest) – The Carrier still is not doing a good enough job informing crews that they may have been exposed. The issues of notifying crews that may have been exposed that are being addressed on the daily conference call are not being disseminated to the field especially to field managers and Local Chairman. Carrier is leery of violating HIPPAA rules by putting people’s personal medical diagnoses out to the field. If there is a confirmed positive, they are looking at who would have been potentially exposed.

GC – We are looking for the specifics location so the membership can be even more vigilant?   Whited ‐ let us thinks about a daily report, there may be something we can push.  WR will  follow up. 

GC – Could we have them fill out a forms to fill out while they were out?   Jones – we can  think about that and the practicality of it.