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Rule 17: Promotion and Rights- Passenger Service

Rule #: 17
Year: 1983
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RULE 17. PROMOTION AND RIGHTS - PASSENGER SERVICE.     Promotion and rights to passenger and motor runs will be governed by seniority on passenger districts, regardless of whether or not the run extends over the entire passenger district, subject to the following exceptions:  
1. On passenger district, Denver-North Platte, six crews assigned to four trains. Ratio one crew from passenger district, North Platte-Cheyenne, to two crews from former Colorado Division. (Conductors from Sterling-Julesburg Subdivision).
2. On passenger district, Denver-Green River, four crews assigned to two trains. Ratio one crew from former Colorado Division (conductors    from Northern Subdivision) to three crews from passenger district, Cheyenne-Green River.
3. Rights of brakemen on former Colorado Division in passenger service extend over the entire former Colorado Division.
NOTE: Former Colorado Division as used herein comprises the following territory:
      Subdivision             Territory
      Northern.......Denver-Cheyenne and Branches 
      Denver.........Denver-Ellis and Oakley- Plainville  
This rule shall not operate to reduce the rights any conductor or brakeman now holds.  Transfer or exchange of rights will not be permitted. Passenger districts will be designated as follows:
      Council Bluffs-North Platte and branches 
      North Platte-Cheyenne and branches 
      Cheyenne-Green River and branches 
      Green River-Ogden and branches 
      Denver-North Platte  
      Denver-Cheyenne and branches 
      Denver-Green River, via Borie 
      Denver-Ellis and branches 
      Denver-Julesburg and branches 
      Kansas City-Ellis and branches 
      St. Joseph-Grand Island and branches.
4. St. Joseph and Grand Island Subdivision brakemen with uniform who are available will be used to man passenger trains detoured over the St. Joseph and Grand Island Subdivision. However, if if there are no such employes available, then the extra brakemen without a standard passenger uniform who are available will be used providing they present a clean and neat appearance.