2nd Meal Allowance: ID Service

2nd Meal Allowance at 11 hrs 30 minutes at AFHT if called on Duty and Train Doesn’t Depart Until after 12th Hours Would Have Expired

Your claims:

  • If your on-duty time is for between 11 ½ and 12 hours at the Away From Home Terminal in Interdivisional Service and

  • Your train does not depart until after 12 hours would have expired

  • Your are entitled to a second meal period under Northwest Agreement Appendix #3

Required Documentation:

  • A copy of both of your complete federal tie-ups from your round trip.

  • This will prove the tie-up time at the AFHT and the departure time of the train called for on the return trip.

  • A copy of your denied non-service claim.


Claiming second meal allowance account was called on duty for _____hrs for the (train symbol) at AFHT in interdivisional service (amount of time-between 11 hrs 30 min and 12 hrs) after tie-up and train did not depart terminal until ____hrs. Per NWD appendix 3, June 7th, 1972 Letter #4, entitled to second meal allowance.