STS after dead 8 Hours

Con Only Performing STS After Train Dead 8 Hours

Not Called for Brakeman on Short-Turn Around


  • A copy of your payroll recap (e-payroll paystub) showing declination number
  • Board snapshots/job histories showing the crew expired on hours of service at least 8 hours prior to being dogcaught, the crew dog catching the train, as well as for Claimant position on board that should have been called as the brakeman.
  • A complete federal tie-up from the crew performing the STS.         


Notwithstanding the Organization's position that this may be a major dispute under the Railway Labor Act, claiming lost earnings as a brakeman on   (date)      for the    (train symbol)   . At    (time)   Conductor   (name)    was called on-duty for the   (train symbol)   .  At   (time)   Conductor   (name)    was called off the   (circ 7 and board ID)     to perform short turn-around service and bring the  (train symbol)     from   (MP      )   into the   (circ-7)   terminal, whose crew had expired under the Hours of Service Law _____ hours, ____min. earlier. I was first out and available at the time of call on the   (circ 7 and board id off appropriate protecting extra board)  and should have properly been called as the brakeman for this service.