Trip Beyond Bulletined Limits - Local Freight


Your claim:

  • When you are instructed to travel beyond the bulletined turning point of your assignment.
  • Put in as a non-service claim

Required Documentation Checklist:

  • A complete copy of your accurate federal tie-up.
  • A copy of your denied non-service claim.
  • A copy of the bulletin for your assignment.



Claiming 100 mile basic day for violation of SMART TD Rule 33(e). Was called on duty to work the  (job id)  on   (date)   at  (Circ 7) at    (time)   hours. This assignment is bulletined between MP _____ and MP _____. At ____(time)____ hrs was instructed per    (dispatcher initials/manager name and title)   to travel to MP___ beyond the bulletined turning point of MP____. Arrived at MP____ at _(time)  hrs. Departed MP  ___  at   (time)  hrs, arriving back inside bulletined limits(MP____) at   (time)  hrs.