Trip Beyond Terminal


Your claim:

  • When you are instructed to travel beyond your final terminal

Required Documentation Checklist:

  • A complete copy of your accurate federal tie-up.
  • A copy of your denied non-service claim.


Claiming  basic day for violation of SMART TD Rule 16. Was called on duty to work the  (train symbol)  on   (date)   at  (Circ 7) at    (time)   hours. Upon arrival at    (Circ-7)    was instructed per    (manager's name and title)  to depart the final terminal and take train to MP ______   . Departed    (MP)   at _(time )  hrs. Arrived at MP____ at        hrs. Disembarked   (train symbol)  & boarded crew van at   (time)   hrs.  Arrived back at the final terminal of     (Circ-7)   at  (time)   hrs. Claim 130 mile penalty in addition to all overtime and other earnings per Rule 16.