Your claim:

  • When you are instructed to double back and traverse territory already covered.
  • Put in as a non-service claim

Required Documentation Checklist:

  • A complete copy of your accurate federal tie-up.
  • A copy of your denied non-service claim.


Claiming ______miles in addition to regular trip rate per SMART TD Rule 14.  Was called on duty to work the  (train id)  on   (date)   at  (Circ 7) at    (time)   hours for trip from __________ to ____________. Departed (circ 7) at (time)  hrs in a (direction) movement. At   (time)  hrs was instructed per (dispatcher's initials/managers title and name) to double back to MP­____ in order to ____(task assigned)       .  Began  (direction) movement at (time) hrs. Arrived MP___ at ( time)  hrs. Departed back  (direction)  at  (time)  hrs. Arriving back at MP ____ at  (time)  hrs.