Timely Medical Determination

Not Notified of Railroad's Determination Within 2 Weeks of Being  Medically Cleared


Your claims:

  • When Doctor clears you to mark-up, and railroad doesn't respond/make a determination within 5 days of being notified.
  • Claim lost earnings for every day after the expiration 5 day period.



  • A copy of your payroll recap (e-payroll paystub) showing declination number
  • A copy of your medical release, along with tracking info/proof of delivery to railroad.



Claiming all lost earnings from   (assignment)    from ­­­­­­    (date)    to   (date)    account no determination made by Carrier within 5 days after being notified of my being medically cleared for duty. Carrier was notified by certified letter of medical release on  (date)  . Claim all lost earnings as per PLB 394, case 35, award 35.