Not Rested for Own Assignment- YARD

Your claims:

• If on- duty time is such that you are not rested in time to work your next shift.
• Per Yard Schedule Rule 50, part (c), you are entitled to a basic day.

Required Documentation:

• A copy of both of your complete tie-ups from the shift in which you worked excessive hours, so as not to be rested for your next assignment.
• A copy of the job history from your assignment from the date you were not rested, and it was filled by extra/other crews.
• A copy of your denied non-service claim.


Worked my regular yard assignment, the (Job ID ) at bulletined start time of (time) on (date) . Total time on-duty was (#) hours, (#) minutes. Due to receiving required federal rest under the Hours of Service Law, was not rested for my bulletined shift/start time the following day (date) . Per Rule 50, part (c), claiming basic yard day.