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GO-953 Continues Fight Against Union Pacific's In-Cab Cameras

By GO 953 | Feb 20, 2015

When Union Pacific Railroad announced their intent to install video recording devices inside their entire locomotive fleet, SMART GO-953 responded with outrage and action.


After a year of wrangling with Union Pacific, things still look no better in the battle against the intrusive cameras. When the cameras were first announced, SMART-TD immediately sought relief from the Federal Courts. In an unfortunate ruling, the federal judge overseeing the case, ruled in favor of the railroads, ruling the issue could not be used to initiate a strike by SMART-TD.


Upon receiving the unfavorable court ruling, GO-953, in a cooperative effort with the five other SMART-TD General Committees at Union Pacific, immediately sought to stop the cameras through other legal methods. SMART-TD General Committees have maintained that the cameras created an intrusive and unsafe work environment.


In the fall of 2014, the Federal Railroad Administration announced the formation of a Federal Rail Safety Advisory Committee (RSAC) to provide recommendations the to FRA in establishing federal regulations governing in-cab cameras and recording devices. General Chairman Leonard was appointed as a SMART-TD member to the committee.


In a disturbing turn of events within the FRA and the Federal Government, GO-953 was made aware that due to the continuing use of personal electronic devices by on-duty employees, in-cab cameras and other crew monitoring recording devices would be mandated and required by the federal government.


The process and fight to stop in-cab cameras is not over. GO-953 will continue to lead the fight from the front line. Check back often for updates to this critical fight.